Your Peace of Mind and Your Home Depend on a Solid and Strong Foundation Repair.


Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair problems in the Houston, Texas area is increasing in a rapid pace, due to the changes in weather; those changes are causing the soil to go through many changes, thus causing many homes to have a great need of immediate foundation repair.

1800 Foundation Repair is prominent foundation repair company in servicing Dallas, Houston, and Longview Texas with many years of foundation repair experiences.

Through our experience and ability to find the latest and best foundation repair solutions for many homeowners we have gained a solid reputation on the foundation repair community amongst and peers and our customers. 1800 Foundation Repair does a lot of foundation repairs in the Dallas, Houston, and Longview area in Texas, which we are often called by homeowners who have seen the warning signs of foundation problems. These signs included, but not limited to cracks on the floors and walls, as well as doors and windows not opening and closing properly.

We understand that for many homeowners, their home is one of their most valuable assets. It is an invaluable place, where you share with your love ones, and create endless memories, and therefore it is important to keep your home safe. If you begin to see signs of foundation problems, do not hesitate to act quickly, and contact us for your FREE estimate. Foundation Repair serves the Greater Houston area and surrounding cities with:
Foundation Repair Drainage Commercial Foundation Repair We’re here to help. Give us a call at 800-368-6328.

Foundation Repair Houston

We understand that choosing a foundation repair company is a difficult decision, which many homeowners face; they are many factors that go in choosing the right foundation repair company to assist you fixing your foundation problem in your home. Some of the factors include, but not limited to:

  • Experience and knowledge in the foundation repair business
  • Ability to implement the best solutions for your home
  • Reputation amongst other homeowners
  • The right price

With such understanding the decision making, 1800 Foundation Repair has build a great reputation in delivering the best and most skillful customer service to ensure our customers get the most experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and affordable foundation repair company in the Dallas, Houston, and Longview Texas area.