It is usual to find skeptical buyers and warranties are an approach sellers use to assure them of whatever product they are committing their resources to. Certainly, the idea of including warranties to a product to be sold has proven to be very instrumental for sellers in converting prospects into buyers.

However, it is also useful to realize that warranties can be made up fancifully to deceive innocent customers who do not understand what the warranty is exactly, and so it is important to understand a thing or two about them before proceeding to subscribe for anyone.


They say to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Now that you know that contractors and salespeople take advantage of warranties to empower their persuasion, you should seek to know completely what the warranties are about. You must study the warranty critically leaving no stone unturned. Here we describe a few concepts you should be aware of before subscribing to a foundation repair warranty.


  • Lifetime Warranty

Upon finding that your contractor has offered you a lifetime warranty, you must be particularly careful. Lifetime warranties for foundation repairs work on a number of regulations that are based on what State exactly the warranty is to operate in. For some states, the warranty lasts up to a decade, for others, it lasts less than a decade. In some areas, the law requires that all extensive services must not exceed a period of 7 years, although you might not obtain such a legislation in your area. The point is that you must verify what law operates within your locality and how much possibilities there are for life warranties to work.


  • Limited Warranties

Another class of warranties common among foundation repair contractors is the limited warranty. It functions in such a way that the extent of items it covers is limited to a couple items; particularly those items that are directly involved in the foundation repair. Upon finding that the warranty your contractor gives is limited, it is your responsibility to find out what exactly the warranty covers. It should not be too vague that you cannot say exactly what your warranty covers. Just in case there are any monetary requirements involved, you should also find out.


  • Manufacturer’s Warranty


Your contractors would use likely use materials or more specifically products manufactured by some company in effecting the repairs. These products come with warranties. The warranty should be in 3 copies; you keep a copy, send one copy each to the manufacturer and the contractor to keep track. The idea is to enjoy the full benefits of the products fixed into your house, and have someone to hold accountable if any unfortunate eventuality occurs.


In conclusion, having known the classes of warranties that are associated with foundation repairs, it is imperative to pay vehement attention to a few critical points:

—Utter grasp of the conditions of the product and repair warranty and a safe retention of a copy of it.

—Do yourself the good of scheduling the foundation repair at a time that you would be comfortable with.

—On the financial aspects, try to be as clear as possible in the agreement.

—Every transaction and detail of the entire process should be adequately documented.


You can engage our professional consultants and foundation repair experts if you still have more enquires to make, or a foundation that needs repair.

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