Your Peace of Mind and Your Home Depend on a Solid and Strong Foundation Repair.


Foundation Repair Cost

When considering whether or not to proceed with a foundation repair project, the foundation repair cost is most likely at the top of your list in the decision-making process. You want to maintain the value of your property and protect the safety of your family. But you certainly don’t want to get a “shady” unreliable company involved.
1800 Foundation Repair cost has built many years of reputation on fair and honest cost proposals and keeping our projects on budget. And we stand behind our work 100% so if anything goes wrong, we will fix it immediately.

One of the things we take pride in is the occasional situation where we advise a client that no repairs are needed. This happens when a concerned homeowner calls us, we conduct a thorough inspection and find that repairing a leak or a simple water maintenance program can be implemented. No need for extensive.

Foundation Repair Cost Variables

  • Approximate size of the property (square footage).
  • Evaluate the amount of soil moisture content on the foundation
  • Level measurements
  • Inspect crawl space for black mold, fungi, or wood rot
  • Inspect for ponding or any water drainage problem
  • Inspect for sagging floors or foundation
  • Inspect for the chimney for cracks or separations
  • Inspect for leaks on the water and sewer lines
  • Inspect doors and windows for cracks
  • Observe bricks, floors, sheetrock, and walls for cracks
  • Review of the foundation’s history
  • Type of construction (pier and beam or slab foundation)