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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair HOUSTON

1-800-Foundation is a leader in providing foundation repair Houston solutions in the Houston, Texas area. We consistently strive to improve our residential foundation repair Houston methods, by implementing the right solution for your home. Our Foundation Repair Houston solutions are backend up by reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Through our 30 years of experience, we have had the opportunity and privilege to work on many different projects, which has lead us to become leading experts in our industry by continuously providing top quality services, and at the most affordable price available for our customers.



The integrity of every structure depends on a sound foundation. It's important to fix crack or shifts on your foundation before the damage spreads beyond repair. Often times homeowners do not act upon fixing their home's foundations. Let cracks on their walls and floors continue to split open, which leads to more expensive repairs, including damages to the home's roof. Therefore it is imperative to be aware of the warning signs, in order to prevent further damages. 1-800-Foundation offers free inspections to homeowners to ensure their property is in good standing conditions. Call Today to make your free inspection appointment.


Considering to proceed with a foundation repair project.

The foundation repair cost is most likely at the top of your list in the decision making process. You want to maintain the value of your property and protect the safety of your family. You certainly don't want to get a "shady" unreliable company involved. Hence, choosing the right foundation repair company is an important decision, as it effects one of your most valued investment, your property. 1-800-Foundation's costs are some of the most competitive in the Dallas, Houston, and Longview areas. With over 30 years of experiences in those areas, we have come to know the trends. In addition, the weather, and soil can effect your home, as well as the history in those areas. Allow to quickly implement the right solution to your home's foundation problem.
foundation repair

Cost Factors

Various factors makeup the total foundation repair cost for your property, such factors including, but limited to. Gravity of the damage, the soil in which the property lays in, the type of piers, and other factors. 1-800-Foundation understands the financial burden foundation repairs can have, especially when it comes unexpected.  Therefore the reason we’ve made it our mission in serving our customers in the Dallas, Houston, also Longview areas. Hence Over last 30 years to ensure that we have implemented the right foundation repair strategy. Advance technology available that will reduce costs and control pricing while offering the most superior repair service in the industry.

Our Specialist have many years of experience, and will be able to provide your with answers to your questions. As a result, they are skilled to detect any unseen signs of a problem, before it begins to get worse. Due to our inspections, we have come across many times that most repairs are minimal, which do not require any piers. To find our more about our foundation repair process, and to get a detailed report, give us a call today to schedule your free estimate appointment.