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How do you protect your home or property investment? Start with a good foundation repair. Hopefully, your house was built on a solid foundation. If it was not, or if you have suffered recent damage from Hurricane Harvey or other flood issues, call us.

We are your foundation repair headquarters in Dallas and Houston – with more than 30 years of experience in serving the Texas area!


If you need foundation repair in Houston, you’ll find that 1-800 Foundation is the leader in providing foundation repair in the Houston, Texas area. We want our customers to be pleased with the job they do and to recommend us to others. So that’s why we are always striving to improve the repair methods we use to repair housing foundations on residential properties. We begin with the end in mind so that the results are always professional and exact. Our Houston customers can tell you that implement unique solutions that work with each home, based on the problems and the level of cost-effectiveness.

Through our 30 years of experience, we have gained valuable insight on how to proceed with a variety of different foundation Repair projects, both residential and commercial. We provide only the top quality services at the most affordable price for our valued customers. If you are in need of a foundation repair estimate in Houston, call us today for a free estimate.


If you are in the Dallas, Texas area, you are in luck. We are also the leader in foundation repair in Dallas. We believe that the integrity of a structure depends on a sound foundation repair. If you have microscopic cracks or fissures in your foundation repair, it is only a matter of time until you may see much more devastating damage emerge. Our job is to fix the small cracks or shifts in your foundation before the damage spreads beyond Foundation repair. If you are a homeowner and you have small cracks in your foundation repair, call us before you let a small problem become overwhelming.

Also, if you contact us before the damage is too significant, we can fix it for much less. Cracks in the walls and floors may continue to split open, leading to more expensive repairs. Look for the warning signs to prevent more severe damage to your home’s roof. At 1-800 Foundation Repair, we offer free inspections to homeowners to ensure that your property is in excellent condition. Call us today to make an open inspection appointment.


When you need a Drainage expert, you can depend on 1800-Foundation for high quality drainage system installation at a price that fits your budget.

1800-Foundation is dedicated to providing superior customer satisfaction so that each and every customer is completely satisfied with the drainage work they receive. We take on all yard drainage projects, large or small.

We have built a solid reputation for being the most dependable, professional, and affordable yard drainage company in the Houston area. So if you want a great price and the best drainage services around please give us a try and we will take care of all your needs. Just fill out our simple contact form and we will get back to you fast with a free quote for our services.

If you need drainage installed in Houston we can help. Our drainage specialists can provide a solution for your specific needs.

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Please call or fill out our simple contact form and tell us about your drainage needs. We will get back to you right away.



If you find symptoms of foundation problems, multiple cracks or fissures, or other things, you’ll want to schedule an appointment to see what the next step is.

Below is a list of the most common cracks in the foundation and the results of each type of crack if left unrepaired.

  • Cracks going vertical – Vertical cracks are usually easily repaired if handled early but left unattended, they can spread into a much larger problem. It may sometimes also indicate further problems with the floor or foundation.
  • Cracks going horizontal – Horizontal cracks can be serious if they continue to split out the walls or floors, causing more serious structural damage. Getting a quick estimate at the first notice of this type of problem is needed to avoid more serious issues.
  • Cracks on stair step – Cracks on stair steps or other footing elements may sometimes indicate moisture or dampness under the flooring or foundation that must be repaired.
  • Cracks leaking water or moisture – If you have cracks that are leaking water or moisture, this can be a serious symptom of internal structural damage that is allowing leakage from inside pipes or other structural sources. Don’t wait too long to get this looked at as the damage can be devastating over time without repair.
  • Cracks with bugs, spiders, or soil – It’s amazing but true that bugs, spiders, and even plants can push through a foundation if it is weakened by the slightest cracks. If you see cracks where bugs, spiders, or soil is visible, it may indicate that the crack is widening. Remember, also that fissures in the walls may be allowing outside air to circulate through your home and create drafts or insulation problems during the winter months.


Costs for foundation repair is one of the reasons that many people fail to proceed with their home repair, even when they realize they have a foundation problem. The foundation repair cost can vary, depending on the type of house and structure, the age of the home, and the extent of the damage. It’s important to act quickly once you know there is a problem to avoid more costly repairs later.

Remember that choosing the wrong foundation repair company can be more costly in the long run than having it Foundation repair by a reputable company. Likewise, waiting too long to do the Foundation repair can run into a great deal of money that results in a more costly job than it was, to begin with.

The best thing you can do is to get your home inspected for possible damage, cracks, or foundation issues as early as possible. Many cracks and structural problems are not readily visible without a great deal of scrutiny and professional inspection.


The 1-800-Foundation’s costs are some of the most competitive in the Dallas, Houston, and Longview areas. We have over 30 years experience in foundation repair, and we can inspect, evaluate, and repair your home before it becomes a huge problem.

One way to look at the foundation and home repairs is that you can “pay now or pay later.” Like any cost you have in life, paying for damages or smaller costs now can avoid you having to pay enormous amounts for more significant problems later on. It is the prudent homeowner who chooses to be proactive involving home repairs so that they can find the damage when it is at the least degree of difficulty to repair. This can save you immense worry, time, and money.

If you have seen cracks in your house’s foundation, the next step is to find out where the cracks are coming from and why they are showing up. Cutting to the root of the problem early will avoid more costly repairs down the road.

Call 1-800-Foundation in Dallas, Houston, or the Longview, Texas area to schedule a free consultation and estimate. We will send a professional foundation repair specialist to determine and diagnose t he types of cracks you are witnessing. Some cracks appear due to the type of soil in your area, recent weather conditions such as flooding, the size of the crack, direction, deflection, and gravity, among other components. We utilize the most effective methods available to ensure that your home’s foundation is repaired at the highest level of quality while keeping the cost reasonable.


Some of our competitors charge for coming to your location to inspect your home or property, but not us! Our foundation repair inspection is always free of charge. We will let you know the predicted cost once we have thoroughly inspected your property and building structure to determine what must be done to alleviate the problem.

We take pride in being Houston and Dallas’s primary source of foundation and structural repair so that we can keep our friends and neighbors in their homes without having to endure costly larger Foundation repair and problems with the home that they have invested so much time and money in.


If you were a victim of Hurricane Harvey that affected Houston and the surrounding area this Fall, you would want to have your home inspected for possible damages and foundation problems. Hurricane Harvey was the most devastating hurricane, to date, to affect the Houston area and many were left homeless by its ravages.

Following the wake of such a destructive storm, it would be rare that a home would be left untouched by this powerful storm. We can come to your location and assess to see if your house was affected by this storm and make suggestions on how to proceed to do the foundation or structural Foundation repair. You may need to have us do some house leveling or house raising to rebuild and repair your structure after Harvey.

FEMA has urged homeowners to protect themselves from future flooding by elevating their homes. Even if your home was unaffected by this storm, you should take steps to protect it from future damage by raising your home above flood levels. Don’t delay if you were in the path of this vicious hurricane this past Fall. It might be a good idea to call us, even if your home was seemingly untouched by this disaster since some problems come from the ground up and can only be seen over time after the situation has passed.


Our foundation repair specialists have years of experience, and we will provide you with answers to your questions about the foundation or structural issues. Our tools and skillset are unsurpassed for detecting any unseen signs of a foundation problem before it begins to get worse. Remember that a condition can become so bad that it is irreparable. In these cases, the homeowners have simply waited too long to solve the problem.


Some homeowners delay this decision due to cost worries, or they convince themselves that the repairs are not significant enough to do anything about. We have come across many situations where most Foundation repair are minimal if they are found early. These types of minimal repair jobs are not too costly, provided they are handled promptly. Home repair is something that scares many people. That’s because it is perceived as a colossal job that requires you to move out of your house, restructure your life, or take out a loan to achieve. This is rarely the case unless someone has simply waited too long to solve the problem.

Getting a free estimate today can alleviate the fear and worry that is often caused by exaggerated or generalized thinking about the potential costs of home or foundation repairs.

Waiting too long is the worst thing you can do since small problems today may prove to be disastrous tomorrow. These foundation cracks are signs of a potential structural or foundation Repair issue that can only worsen with time. They are a sign of corrosion that starts small and grow over time. You just cannot afford to take that chance with your valued property.


The most important thing regarding your home is that you protect your investment. This can involve both taking precautions for future disasters or weather factors, as well as repairing the damage to your foundation repair or structure now before it becomes a more catastrophic problem. We love to hear from homeowners in the Houston area, and we are considered the go-to location for foundation repair in Houston and foundation repair in Dallas. Visit us online today for more information and contact one of our friendly sales staff to find out what the next steps should be.

So if you see a crack in your Foundation repair, walls, doors, or floors, don’t panic. Call us instead, and we will rush to your location as fast as possible to assess the issue. There’s no time like today to fix the problem. And we are always here to help our customers in the Houston and Dallas area.

Start by scheduling an inspection with us at https://1800foundation.com and we will take it from there.


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